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Welcome to Embassy World Exim India is a renowned Merchant Exporter dealing in varied commodities across the globe, including Spices & Condiments, Cashew Nuts and other Dry fruits, Soya Milk and Soya products, Fruit Syrups and Pulp, Pickles & Jams, Herbs & Herbal Products , sugar, stones, scrap cement, wooden, handicraft, garment, metals,hand made pepers, chemicals , tea, gems, coal, etc..

Currently we are dealing in almost all commodities required in 5 star hotels. We are also in a process of extending our product range beyond Groceries & all products in order to provide a consolidated service or solution to the clients

We are further taking initiatives to consolidate services like Groceries, Laundry Supplies, Stationery, Imported Groceries, Customaries Bathing Accessories, Imported Mineral Water Supplies, Vegetables, Fruits, sugar, stones, scrap cement, wooden, handicraft, garment, metals, hand made Papers, chemicals, tea, gems, coal, etc, to provide a single vendor solution to our existing clients.

We are also trading in fertilizers, organic and inorganic and can provide any quantity at the most appropriate prices at any ASWP. For any further details just drop a mail or contact us with an LOI/ICPO for your needs and we promise to deliver the best deal. We are a performance oriented organization and thus understands the significance of performing at various international avenues, thus to safeguard the interest of the buyer and seller, we emphasize the need of a higher percentage of PBG. We are also participating in various tenders across the globe and are looking for partners, country representatives, across the globe, who could facilitate us in our networking
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